Building Life Cycle & Material selection (Part 2 of 3)

Building Life Cycle & Material selection (Part 2 of 3) Read Part 1 here The goal is to select the best material for a given application while meeting or exceeding product performance goals and minimizing [...]

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Davis Bay Construction Pictures

Paul Hogan (Designer/Technician) recently visited the Davis Bay design on the Sunshine Coast. This project is proceeding quickly and the main house should be completed by August with the garage/coach house slated for completion shortly [...]

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Edible Living Wall

On June 13, Streamline and the Environmental Youth Alliance , installed an edible living wall on the Vancouver East side (Princess Rooms, 215 Princess Ave). This 72 square foot wall contains Kale, Collards, Radish, Peas, [...]

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Building Life Cycle & Material selection (Part 1 of 3)

Building Life Cycle refers to the view of a building over the course of its entire life. Taking into consideration the design, installation, commissioning, operation and decommissioning phases.   Life Cycle assessment or analysis is [...]

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Kalum River Estates – Pictures

The Kalum River Estate, which is located feet from the river near Kitimat, B.C ., recently celebrated their grand opening. We began designing this project back in 2008 (August) and it is nice to see [...]

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Choosing a Contractor for Your Dream Home

A homeowner will spend up to a year and a significant amount of money with the contractor they choose to build their home. We recommend considering the following questions as a guideline to understanding the [...]

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Chelwood Cabin Progress Pictures

We recently received progress pictures of the Chelwood Cabin which is being constructed on Gabriola Island . The timbers are boxed-heart fir finished with Sansin stain . We typically don't recommend boxed-heart, but, they were [...]

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Building Cost Considerations

There is no magic number/formula to determine the cost of a home. Many will throw out per square foot numbers ranging from $150 - $300 per finished square foot. This is a very general number [...]

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New Designs Added

We have added 8 new log and timber frame designs to our portfolio. Check them out below! Full Scribe: Jollymoore Timber Frame: Burfield Gleneagles Coastal Black Post & Beam: The Sunset Gabriola Commercial: FYI design [...]

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Going Green… Build with Wood!

Wood plays a critical role in building environmentally friendly and sustainable structures. Those who use it know that wood is an ideal green building material. The use of wood alone does not make a building [...]

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Bella Vista design – Finished Photos

During my latest trip to Sun Peaks , I was able to take pictures of our recently completed project, the Bella Vista . Only the exterior railing and finished landscaping remain.

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Full Scribe Log Homes – Settling

In addition to their elegance and definitive look, full scribe (stacked) log walls can provide great thermal mass value and fire rating. However due to the natural properties of wood (slow evaporation of moisture from [...]

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Mixal Heights, Lot #6, Progress Pictures

On Monday, Jan.19th, we performed one of our regular site visits to our Mixal Heights project, located in Garden Bay on BC's Sunshine Coast. Together with the client, we visit the site continually to meet [...]

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A Glossary of Building Terms

We recognize that building a custom home can be an overwhelming task, but our goal is to make it as easy and informative as possible. In doing so, we have prepared a glossary of common [...]

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Pagosa Springs – Updated Photos

We recently received updated photos of our Pagosa Springs, CO . project. The clients have received their 'Certificate of Occupancy' from the county and plan to be moved in by the end of the month. [...]

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Happy Holidays and Thank You For Your Patronage!

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New Interior Pictures Added To Our Project Photos

We have added 15 new interior pictures to our photo gallery Click to view

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Logs Thermal Properties

Logs boast a natural characteristic called “thermal mass”. This means that logs have the ability to absorb heat, keeping the house cool in the summer and conversely, storing that same heat in the winter and [...]

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Progress Pictures From Client In Terrace, BC

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Abbotsford Technologist Kevin Simoes Wins ASTTBC Professional Achievement Award

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release November 7, 2010 Special to Abbotsford, Valley Media: Abbotsford Technologist Kevin Simoes Wins ASTTBC Professional Achievement Award   Applied Science Technologist Kevin Simoes, Principal of Streamline Design in Abbotsford, has [...]

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The term “building green” has become a buzz word in the residential construction industry. Developers, contractors, and manufacturers are selling it and home owners are beginning to expect green alternatives. But just what is building [...]

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Progress Pictures From Client On Big Bar Lake, Lillooet, BC

We just received these progress pictures from our client on Big Bar Lake, Lillooet, BC. It is a very unique little timber frame. Please contact us for additional details on this plan.

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Awarded International Log Builders Association Contract

Streamline Design Ltd. is pleased to announce we have been awarded the International Log Builders Association contract to produce the 3D diagrams for the new 'Effective Practices and Methods' book. Streamline will be modeling and [...]

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Contribution to Log Home Construction Book

Streamline Design was pleased to have contribute to The Illustrated Guide To Log Home Construction From Finished Shell to Finished Home By Dalibor Houdek . The book was published by FPinnovations, the world's largest private, [...]

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Passive Solar Design

Passive solar - a term referring to those technologies that can be employed to convert natural sunlight into usable heat, to cause air-movement for ventilation or cooling, or to store the heat for future use, [...]

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