When designing any timber frame house for our clients, it is always important to have a close working relationship with structural engineers. We take on some very complicated timber frame plans and projects and it is important to us that our timber frame houses are built efficiently, are durable and meet all safety standards and requirements.

To do this as efficiently as possible, it is necessary that the engineer and design team have a good rapport and close communication. It is essential that the engineer have a deep understanding of the characteristics, science and technology of wood. This prevents the unnecessary usage of materials and outdated building techniques that can cost money and damage the future value of your home. This also ensures there are no material alterations, maintaining the natural characteristics and aesthetic beauty of your future home. Not only does this service help our clients save money, it creates an efficient workflow with a quick turnaround, ensuring your custom log or timber frame house is built on time and on budget!

Streamline Design is proud to have our own in-house Structural Engineer on our staff. Jorge Silva, P.Eng, is licensed in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and Saskatchewan. Jorge Silva works closely with our design team every step of the way to make sure that your timber frame house is structurally sound, yet meets your vision. This is another way that Streamline Design adds value to our services!

Not building in our geographic area? No problem! We have engineer associates licensed across North America. We have honed these relationships over several years with numerous completed projects.