At Streamline Design, we know that there can be a lot of confusion when trying to choose the best designer for your vision.

The most important part to building your log or timber frame home is the value you get out of a quality design. How does a quality detailed design fit in? In one word, planning. Our clients realize significant value and cost savings because of our dedication to providing our clients with log and timber frame plans that are well designed.

As Streamline Design works through designing your log or timber frame floor plans, we dedicate ourselves to trying to save our clients money; whether it is by maximizing the square footage of your log or timber frame home or simplifying the structure, saving on engineering and material costs. Depending on your local government, this can also save on development permit costs and yearly taxes. A well-designed and detailed plan can also provide construction savings by avoiding costly delays and change orders. We take a systematic approach to adding value to reduce construction costs on your timber frame home without compromising quality.


How can I determine when I am getting poor project value and quality?

  • Lack of shared project information
  • Lack of ideas, or failure to develop alternative solutions
  • Temporary circumstances
  • Honest but incorrect beliefs
  • Old habits and attitudes
  • Lack of communication and coordination
  • Changes in owner requirements
  • Outdated standards and specifications
  • Poor design including structural
  • Poor project management

How does Streamline Design increase a projects value and quality?

  • Being prepared
  • Allowing for proper time and funding for better design and planning of log or timber frame plans
  • Taking the time to help to educate our clients on efficient and effective log or timber frame plans
  • Ensuring an efficient use of structural log work to minimize material usage and costs
  • Using an integrated project team approach in the design process
  • Encouraging ‘Green’ building techniques and standards in all our timber frame plans
  • Understanding and using advanced framing techniques when designing the timber frame house
  • Hiring and using professionals with a deep understanding of the characteristics, science and technology of wood
  • Creating a set of comprehensive plans and specifications

Additional Value Added Services Streamline Design Provides:

In addition to the items listed above Streamline Design provides as part of any standard regular package for timber frame plans, Streamline Design also provides a number of other valued added services for our clients that help us rise us above our competition.

  • Survey of sun positions and potency studies in relation to their effects on interiors and exteriors of the house, performed at the summer and winter solstice to ensure efficient usage of passive solar gain
  • Fully furnished interior renderings of log or timber frame plans for improved visualization of space Interior design services, including consultation, takeoffs and schedules for a comprehensive plan. This also provides for an efficient tender process.
  • Structural engineering
  • Complete construction material take-offs
  • Site evaluation and construction management
  • Energy modelling and testing of timber frame plans
  • LEED or Built Green project certification by a LEED Accredited professional
  • Comprehensive tender review
  • Building Life Cycle Analysis.
  • Consultation on passive and active home systems.
  • Consultation on construction waste management and job site recycling

Please contact us for additional information.