The word “dovetail” refers to a specific method of joining logs or timbers at wall corner intersections.

Dovetail style joinery has a long history, and can be seen in historical homes wherever wood has been used as a building material. Dovetail wood joinery is also well known in furniture and cabinet making. This type of corner detail is appealing because of its angular look and it obvious strength and functionality. Dovetail is a timeless notch that requires little space and makes efficient use of material. The dovetail corner notch shows the skill of the craftsman that made it, and it never ceases to impress.

Dovetail Joinery in Log Homes

Dovetail corner construction can be used to join squared timber walls, flattened round log walls, and round log walls that are flattened at the corners. Dovetailing can be used with chinked style construction or scribe fit log work. A wide range of log sizes can be joined using the dovetail wood joinery method.

Dovetail corner homes often remind us of early American pioneer homes, and sometimes their overall style will be a copy of that era. However, this building technique is adaptable as well as beautiful, and is worthy of consideration in the most modern of log home styles.

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