As the future of his very own company, Simoes has numerous projects in mind: “We’re only limited by our imagination, our clients’ budget and the site/location requirements.”

The Mixal Heights Waterfall

A very special aspect of the Mixal Heights Residence is the exterior water feature and living wall that transitions into the master bedroom shower. “Initially the intent for this space was the exterior shower,” Simoes explains. However, during the first site visit it became evident that it deserved a more impressive feature. A sub-contractor suggested a waterfall, the client loved the idea and “the goal was then to create a beloved, inspirational space that blends in with the surrounding forest,” Simoes explains. “We utilized the existing site stone, several large landscape rocks and a specifically coloured massive granite slab, which in one piece went from the exterior to interior.” The company then carried that same stone beyond the shower and behind the commode, tying it all together with a large stone mosaic by a local artisan. The mosaic slowly sweeps behind the sinks and carries around the tub, completing the bathroom and visually carrying the eye from one end to the other.

01 The Bella Vista home has a rich, textured façade of brick and stone.

02 Pella windows framed by impressive timber beams showcase the stunning view from the Bella Vista living room.

03 A timber staircase moves up the curved concrete wall while a glass half circle provides views to the basement.

“We have completed projects around the world so we have a very diverse and blended architectural style.” Kevin Simoes, Principal.