Planning and designing your first custom log home is a big step. There are many decisions to make and it can come as a shock. However, not being diligent in thinking through all the decisions, in the initial planning stages, can mean mistakes, time wasted and a major investment in something that you end up not being happy with.

In our last blog post in the series, we discussed the challenges and necessity in planning out your budget before embarking upon the job of building and planning your custom log home. In this post, we wanted to give you some thoughts and tips on choosing a builder. This is an important step, as the right builder with honour the work and planning you have done and bring to life your dreams and ideas.

Choosing A Builder

Once you get to the building stage, Streamline can help you with choosing a builder that will be able to build out your ideas. We have a number of builders that we work with, which we would be happy to connect you with.

However, with any job of this size, we still stress some things you should do to ensure that you are getting a builder that will faithfully execute your plan. As always, you should check a builder’s references carefully, not only visiting finished homes to personally inspect the builders’ work but also see if the builder has been involved in any litigation in the past. You will also want to make sure that you are choosing a builder who is familiar with your local building codes and the environment of your site. Finally, you will want to make sure that your builder is licensed and bonded.

While these tips may seem obvious, we have seen a number of cases where the proper precautions were not taken, resulting in frustrations and, in some cases, broken dreams as their home ends up not being what they had wanted.

We have just highlighted some of the major items to think about as you start to think about building your log home. While there are many things to think about, we feel that these tips and ideas will help provide you with a good start to planning out your needs and dreams.