Even before people find themselves in the process of building a new house, they usually already have a preconceived idea of what they want their house to look like. After all, we all grew up having dream houses in our minds. We know what color we want to paint our homes, what material will be utilized, and even how many rooms the house will contain. This notion of our dream house may change over the years, as we grow older and as our priorities change. They also change when we see new architectural trends and developments.

When people decide to build a timber frame house, one of the biggest considerations is the timber frame design. Even if they already have preconceived ideas of what their dream house is supposed to look like, that idea will most likely have to be flexible, because timber frame design is very different from the designs of the houses that we normally see. Thus, homeowners are faced with a unique design dilemma. Should they allow a designer to get into the picture and help them, or will that just be an unnecessary cost? More than that, when should they get a designer? In what part of the house-building process should a designer be hired?

Designers or architects are very important in the house-building process. In fact, they actually play a key role in it. The homeowner might think that this is an unnecessary additional cost since he already has an idea of what he wants the house to look like anyway. But, designers are much more experienced in what works and what doesn’t. They are knowledgeable not only in the aesthetic aspects of the timber frame design, but more importantly in the technical aspects of it. Of course, the key here is collaboration. What a designer will essentially do is listen to your ideas and your vision, then try and make those ideas into a viable, cost-efficient floor plan. A lot of things have to be taken into consideration in designing a house, such as the unique characteristics of the site where the house will be built. Some designs might not work for all sites. For instance, if your land is sloping, a few technical adjustments have to be made. From the very beginning of the house-building process, sometimes even before you choose a contractor, it will be best if you’ve already chosen a qualified designer who has some experience in timber frame design.

Wherever you decide to get design help from, it’s clear that when it comes to timber frame design, getting the help of a designer early on will save you a lot of headache and heartache.