Design Process

At Streamline Design, we know that choosing the best designer for your log or timber home can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming, and we understand that you are the most important resource in creating the home you’ve been dreaming of. Using a systematic approach and keeping your ideas at the forefront, we will create well-designed and cost-effective plans for your new home, without compromising on quality. We will walk you through each step of the design phase so the end design is exactly how you imagined it to be.

As you can imagine we will have a number of back and forth conversations through the design phase. One of the first questions we often get asked is “Do we have to meet in person”? No, we do not. Majority of the clients we work with we never meet in person. Whether you are across the globe or down the street we can handle everything remotely through emails, online meetings and phone chats.

So, let’s walk through the different design phases to help give you an overview of what to expect:

Inspiration + Discovery Phase

When designing your custom log or timber frame home we first like to sit down with you in person, or in an online meeting, to discuss your future space. Our goal is to build your dream home just the way you envision it, which makes you the most important member of our design team. From overall home style to unique elements and features, we encourage you to bring your inspiration to the table throughout this phase. We will guide you through a series of questions to determine what your design will require in order to meet your practical living needs, while ensuring it fits your personality and lifestyle. During this phase, we will also discuss site or bylaw considerations, budget matters, and all other objectives that may apply to your project.


Determine the vision, site considerations, and any other objectives for your future home

Creative + Developmental Phase

Following our first meeting, our designers will present you with a preliminary concept based on your objectives regarding style and functionality, as well as site and budgetary considerations. Complete floor plans and high quality 3D renderings will be provided in order to help you visualize your new home. Proposed roof lines and structural elements of the log or timber frame home are also included during this phase.


Prepare and present a preliminary design concept

Refining Phase

This is the most important stage of the design process. After you have had time to contemplate the initial drawings for your log or timber frame home, we then revise and refine them to meet your needs and wishes exactly. It is imperative that you carefully review all aspects of the design to ensure your expectations have been met, for now and for the future lifespan of your home. We encourage you to be specific and compile a list of changes, questions and comments about the design that you wish to be addressed. In addition, we will provide you with 3D renderings and take you on a guided virtual walk-through to help answer any remaining questions, and enable you to fully visualize your new home.


Revise and transform the layout, structure and aesthetics based on your response and feedback to the preliminary design

Tender Phase

Following your approval of the final design, we will prepare a partial set of construction documents to send out for potential log or timber frame builders to bid on. These include four elevations, detailed floor plans, a foundation plan, section views and 3D CAD files. We will also provide recommendations for general contractors and log or timber frame builders with whom we have had superior building experiences with. If you already have a builder in mind we will work with them to provide the specific details they need to begin building the project.


Prepare a tender package, with the purpose of submitting to contractors for initial quotes

Construction Drawings + Engineering Phase

During this phase, a final set of drawings for construction will be completed. If your design requires engineering, we can provide this for you using our own engineer, allowing construction directives and changes to be made in-house in order to avoid the additional costs of hiring a third party engineering firm.

Once engineering is complete, the plans are then printed, stamped by our engineer, and ready to begin the permitting process through your local building department.

Construction Documents

Prepare construction documents and perform structural engineering (if required) for submittal to your local building department

Construction Support Phase

We are committed to ensuring your design is executed during the building phase with as much precision and diligence as was put into the design process itself, and are available to assist your building team with last minute ideas or changes as they arise. We offer a wide range of additional detailing to help the build phase proceed as smoothly as possible.

Through a clearly laid out process that keeps your ideas front and centre, our desire to build your quality, luxury log and timber home will be realized. Take yourself one step closer to your dream log home and contact us today.


Work with you throughout the entire construction process, providing consulting services and engineering changes at your direction

Are You A Developer?

We provide assistance to developers in a wide range of areas and projects including helping with your subdivisions site layout and proposed building locations. From building massing, schematics and presentation material to the preparation of your subdivisions design guidelines, we do it all. We can also act as your design consultant, providing review and enforcement of the prepared guidelines.