Why should you hire a home designer? These days, with overflowing Pinterest pages, Houzz idea boards and professionally branded Instagram accounts, many people think that they can design their home and save a few dollars.

But the truth is, without a skilled home designer, you will likely find the process to become a lengthy one. Overwhelmed by painstaking and often misguided research, and preventable mistakes? Here are 3 main benefits to hiring a home designer:

#1 Knowledge Is Everything

Pulling from their experience, a good and reputable designer will have a wealth of knowledge and skills at their fingertips. Although, you may have a pretty good idea of how you would like your home to look and function, a designer can quickly incorporate your ideas to maximize their function, design and style; and for those ideas that don’t work, they can come up with solutions that you may not have the resources to come up with yourself.

Let’s face it, problems can occur at anytime during a project. Unexpected roadblocks can arise at any point during the design or build of your home, and a knowledgeable designer has the creative expertise to problem solve any issues. Additionally, the right designer may know of better options for materials or technologies that are more cost effective than what you are able to source out on your own. Having a well-informed designer at your fingertips can ensure that you keep building revisions to a minimum which will save you time and money.

# 2 Peace of Mind

A good designer will provide a detailed contract and a clear set of written plans and drawings for your builder that you might not otherwise be able to create through your own methods. Trying to create such plans without the trained eye of a designer can prove to be frustrating and time consuming. With a clear understanding of the language of construction and using their attuned three-dimensional thinking, they can take the confusion out of translating 2-D drawings into 3-D structure. A good designer has the ability to see the design options that can add value to your new home, while providing lasting and beautiful appeal. When your ideas are put into professionally written plans, there is much less room for error, and you can feel reassured with a clear and accurate vision of how your dream home will turn out, while remaining within budget.

#3 Time Is Money

At the end of the day, hiring a designer will save you time, plain and simple. The design-build system (as opposed to the conventional process of hiring an architect and then a general contractor), is a much more efficient method for creating your dream home. From structural engineers to painters, your designer will maintain close working relationships with skilled contractors and other experts in the industry, which means that from concept to construction, you will have one team working together to make your home a reality. One single contract helps to ensure a unified workflow, resulting in fewer errors along the way, a faster time to completion, and keeping money in your pocket.

Finding the right home designer to help design your home is the most crucial part of your home building process. The plans and designs that they produce will be translated into your home, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

At Streamline Design, we believe in the importance of hiring an architect or designer to design your home, and provide you with a professional approach that meets your needs. We spend significant time on continuing education on the latest construction processes, building techniques and materials; while maintaining clarity and efficiency throughout. If you would like to work with a designer that is both knowledgeable and cost-effective, feel free to email us at info@streamlinedesign.ca.