Project Description

Location: Cle Elum, WA. Suncadia resort
Size: 2,775 sq.ft.
Scope of Work: This project is an exemplary example of our value engineering capabilities. This production home was originally designed and engineered by others and the developer came to us to re-design and value engineer this production model.

  •  Over budget by $325,000 per unit
  •  Sale price of 1.2 million
  •  Behind schedule by 3 months per unit
  •  Poor structural design
  •  Limited ‘free standing’ timberframe
  •  Many aesthetic timber members
  •  Poor material and finish specifications
  •  Poor finish quality due to budget overuns
  •  Lack of planning
  •  Fully masonry F.P. with full rock (unnecessary expense)

After completion of our value engineering/re-design:

  •  Framed F.P. with split face stone (same look, but with drastic cost savings)
  •  Reduction in construction costs by $275,000
  •  Each unit finished ahead of schedule
  •  Improved and simplified structural design
  •  Complete ‘free standing’ timber frame
  •  Improved finish quality, including higher material grade.
  •  Increased sales value of $75,000 due to complete timber frame and improved quality. Sale price  of 1.275 million
  •  Improved layout
  •  Increased number of windows for day lighting