This spacious yet modest timber frame plan was designed with careful thought and consideration for its surroundings.

An open concept timber frame plan joins the large great room, kitchen and dining areas in an airy and uniform space. Adjacent to the main area is a great master suite with an ensuite and fireplace, a large guest room and a full bath. The personal areas are set back from the living areas and nicely buffered by the kitchen storage, the laundry room and linen closet off the foyer. Anchoring the living room is a full height fireplace, enjoyed both inside and out. A flex room off the living area, fixed with French doors, creates privacy or when opened, allows for a more spacious feeling.

The combination of flat, living, and butterfly roof systems creates clean architectural lines, while allowing nature to take precedence. Multiple exterior French doors, full height and clerestory windows truly bring the outdoors in, with a view that is enjoyable at all angles from the wraparound deck.

Designed with an overall low carbon footprint in mind, some of the more environmentally conscious features include rustic chain down spouts for rainwater collection to minimize water usage. Clerestory windows with automatic sensors assist in natural ventilation and maximizing daylight, and the living roof aids in insulation and extension of building envelope life span.

Reminiscent of the later Frank Lloyd Wright style, this plan was designed as a simple, functional living space without sacrificing the beauty of the nature around it.


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2010 Country’s Best Design Awards Honorable Mention